Did the BBC Just Get Punk’d?

Did the BBC Just Get Punk’d?

picture-8The BBC reported on a UK based company who had created a ‘top secret phone’ which would revolutionize the industry with the worlds first “truly handsfree mobile”. 

The company, IA Technology of Hereford England, promised a new mobile phone device which fits in your ear and can be operated solely by voice recognition. The phone, designed by a Dean McEvoy (right), is likely to be such a success that it would bring more jobs and investment into the industry.

Where did the BBC possibly get fooled? Well, a little digging by an Engadget commenter discovered a link between Zumba CEO Dean McEvoy and a group of party promoters. Whether this is true or not is unclear, however it does immediately trigger off alarm bells which lead to a re-examination of the video (below). 

What’s immediately odd is that the ‘Zumba Phone’ is so secret that the BBC can’t even show us how it works. Not only that, but the entire set up seems fishy, from the odd name/poor design, the extremely well dressed “designer”, the screen behind the designer in the video and through to the extremely poor website for the new “revolutionary” gadget.

Anyway, enough talk, here’s the video…what do you think? Did the BBC get punk’d?

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