I Hate To See You Go, But I Love To Watch You Leave

I Hate To See You Go, But I Love To Watch You Leave

Damn you Ernst-Jan! You unfaithful schmuck! You are leaving TheNextWeb.com? How dare you!?


Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

But it is true: Ernst-Jan, after 12 months of full time blogging, is leaving this blog. He got a job offer that he just couldn’t resist.

We are sad and disappointed but also very proud and thankful because Ernst-Jan isn’t leaving us to join another blog or something mundane like that. No, HE is going to be joining a bunch of REAL journalists (Andrew Keen would be proud) at the prestigious NRC Handelsblad.

This is not just any newspaper but a high quality newspaper that can be compared to The TimesThe Guardian, and Süddeutsche Zeitung. At NRC Ernst-Jan is going to work on their digital strategy.

Ernst-Jan wrote 741 posts while being the chief editor at The Next Web Blog, and attended and live blogged several events (Le Web (Paris), Web2.0 Expo San Francisco, Next (Germany), LIFT (Geneve), China 2.0 trip, SuperNova, OpenOffice Roadtrip) and organized his own Blog’08 even here in Amsterdam.

If you enjoyed any of his posts (we did!) do me a favor and comment here. Feel free to photoshop a little. It made me feel better…

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