The Dutch Internet Industry goes Bowling

The Dutch Internet Industry goes Bowling

Feel free to skip this post if you’re not from Holland or not in business with the Dutchies.

polonaiseWhat would happen if you put 500 Internet professional in the only bowling alley of Amsterdam and provide them with unlimited amounts of free Heineken, wine and BBQ foods while they’re playing a bowl tournament? The winning company can call itself Kings of Bowlr, have everlasting bragging rights and go home with the Blue Bowlr Ball, which will this year be Orange.

On January 29th, the second edition of Bowlr will take place at Knijn Bowling center in Amsterdam. This is probably the most fun and entertaining event the Internet industry has ever known :) No serious, it is super fun and next to a great company/team event it is also a nice way to get in touch with people of the industry on a (very) informal way.

35 37 teams signed up for the event already, so if you’re planning to join Bowlr do it fast.

Check out some serious Bowlr shizzle

Bowlr pictures on Flickr

Get ready for Bowlr 2008

Get ready for Bowlr 2009

The real Bowlr spirit (true story):
Hyves, also main sponsor of Bowlr 09, had a total meltdown last year during Bowlr. All 1200 servers crashed due to a power outage during the tournament. The whole management team was at Bowlr, while 7 million Dutch people couldn’t log in to their favourite social network. The team stayed and played while managing that their servers went back up. In one hand a bowling ball in the other a cell phone and a beer! That is true Bowlr and entrepreneurial spirit.

We’re in training!

Bowlr training

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