Developing iPhone apps not worth the effort anymore

Developing iPhone apps not worth the effort anymore

If you’re an iPhone app developer, you’re basically working for that one big hit. Like the developer of the iFart app, he told VentureBeat ow much profit he makes on a daily basis. A whopping $10,000!

iphonesDutch iPhone developer Vincent Verweij got pretty fed up with this. He burns a lot of money while developing his apps, without seeing much revenue coming back. “To survive in the App Store, you’re only hope is short hits, I don’t want my business to depend on that,” Verweij told Emerce.

He also complains about the low prices for apps – max 3 euros -, the short life-cycle, overabundance, and the cocky attitude of Apple. Verweij developed an app called Camera Pro, which added 15 new features to the camera. That app was a little too good for Apple, so the company rejected the app (for now). Verweij lost around €10,000 because of this disappointment.

So what’s Verweij gonna do now? Hold on to yourself: he’s going to focus on Windows Mobile and Symbian again, since these platforms have more possibilities. I bet he’s also working on Android apps, but he probably didn’t want to tell the reporter.

By the way, Gerard van Enk tipped the readers of Emerce about a research by Mobile Orchard: people are willing to pay more than 99 cents for business and GTD apps

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