Helvetireader Makes Google Reader Gorgeously Minimalist

Helvetireader Makes Google Reader Gorgeously Minimalist

Helvetireader is a userscript released by HicksDesign which transforms Google Reader into a wonderfully minimalist RSS Reader. It’s still a work in progress but I’m loving what i’m seeing so far…

To install, ensure you have Greasemonkey for Firefox installed or GreaseKit for any webkit browser such as Safari. Then click here to install the main userscript and you’ll also want some favicons included too for which you’ll need to click here to install. Of course you’ll need to have helvetica the font installed too, which if you haven’t – you should be ashamed of yourself :) .

Many thanks to Chris Messina for the heads up.


Craig­­ Erskine has made a few alterations to the script which I love. It will require to simply switch the css file linked to in the original userscript to this one.

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