Tarpipe Helps Spread The Content Love

Tarpipe Helps Spread The Content Love

Startup tarpipe is aiming to simplify the workflow of posting on social media sites.  Their API enables users to do progressive things with their content in single actions.  You can upload a photo from an email, have it post to a few such as uploading a photo, announcing this action with a tweet, sending an IM to a friend and send an email (and can do so at the same time).  It does this without forcing the user to install a desktop or mobile application.

Their blog highlights some of the interesting projects their product is leading to, such as extending battery life while using location based service and make EverNote do some cool things.

The big question for me is in how it will be used, and how it will differ from just creating a social media power user megaphone.  I can see some people setting it up so that their Twitter, Pownce, away message, Jaiku, Flickr, Friend Feed, Tumblr and Plurk update every time they see fit, which would create an almost embarrassing echo chamber.

They are strong advocates for open source, and with their API can imagine some creative uses. Currently, I see uses that are neat (use IM to update your twitter) to useful (uploading your photos to several places) but don’t see a use of their API that absolutely shines.  Yet.

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