TasteKid Lets You Find Stuff Similar to Stuff You Like

TasteKid Lets You Find Stuff Similar to Stuff You Like

I came across this awesome web app via Friendfeed and it’s one I can genuinely see myself using frequently. Tastekid, created by Romanian Andrei Oghină, is a recommendation engine for music, movies and books.

“Emmy” (the sites friendly face) will ask you to type in a movie, band or book and in return will recommend a list of similar artists, movies or books. When you visit the site you’ll almost wonder why the design is so understated, however, therein lies it’s beauty…nothing over the top, non wild statements about how it will change the web! It just does it’s job and does it remarkably well for a (very) new product.

You may wonder how the engine works and “Emmy” is kind enough to explain:

Let’s say one day I ask somebody about his/her favorite music. If the answer is that he/she enjoys listening to, let’s say, Massive Attack and Backstreet Boys I will keep that in mind. Now, this is very important, I don’t have to be judgmental about it. If you’ll ask me to recommend you something considering you like Massive Attack, I will most probably not mention anything like Backstreet Boys, because hopefully other 100 people that liked Massive Attack haven’t told me anything about them. Moreover, they would probably mention some other bands more often and so I will recommend those to you instead.

I typed in “The Descent” one of my favorite recent horror flicks and the results were remarkably impressive.

For more information of the app, I highly recommend trying it out and/or reading a bit about “Emmy’ herself.

For other recommendation engines out there, I highly recommend having a read of 10 Recommendation Engines by RWW.

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