eBuddy welcomes former Google NL executive to its team

eBuddy welcomes former Google NL executive to its team

World’s largest independent IM service eBuddy has hired former Google Netherlands executive Marc Duijndam to stimulate its international growth. Duijndam will work together with eBuddy’s senior management team. His focus will be on rapid development of eBuddy’s worldwide revenue and expansion of the partner network.

Marc Duijndam

From a national point of view, I’m proud to see a Dutch web company actively working to sustain and develop its international top position. But to hell with this pride, I’ll save it for the Dutch blogs. So here’s some more information that’s not just interesting for the Dutchmen.

Duijndam has six years of Google experience (2001-2007) and will play an important role in transforming a young fast-growing web company into a solid and really profitable player. Or, like eBuddy co-founder and CEO Jan-Joost Rueb says, “Duindam will take eBuddy to the next level”.

It’s part of every successful start-up’s growing curve. After gaining some traction, a round or two of funding, and some more traction; a careful selection of experienced business executives is made to turn the popularity into revenue.

eBuddy’s decision to hire the former Google executive matches with the international promise the company made when it secured a Series B round of 6.5 million euro from Prime Technology in February.

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