Web3.0 for dummies

Web3.0 for dummies

A few weeks ago I saw a presentation by Dutch internet strategy adviser Freek Bijl. In his presentation he used a few simple but charming analogies to explain what Web3.0 is and what technologies it uses. The presentation was clear and easy to understand which is rare when it comes to technical stuff like this.

I complimented him on it and asked if he could make an English version available online so I could link to it but he replied that he didn’t have an English version. Today Freek emailed me that he took the effort of translating the whole presentation so we could post it here.

There are two parts to the presentation and I’m including the second, more indepth, version here. If you like the presentation do also check out Part 1.

Before I could post it here Slideshare discovered his presentation too and put it on their ‘featured‘ pages so it is becoming quite popular now.

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