simple online note taking simple online note taking

Penzu is a soon to launch service built completely on Ruby on Rails that makes publishing your texts online simpler than you ever thought possible. You visit their site, start writing, click save and you are done. Can’t get any easier than that.

Ok, Google Docs, Writely and are pretty easy too. But not easy enough for our parents. The good thing about Penzu is that there are no different pages, confusing options and expert settings. It is just one page that looks like an old fashioned paper notebook where you can start writing away. No choice of fonts, styles and colors but just a regular notebook.

This seems ideal even for quick note taking during conferences and events. It looks quicker than setting up drafts on WordPress of even Word documents in your computer (where shall I save this temporary file and what shall I name it? Ah damn, used that title for another document.).

But don’t take my word for it. Give yourself 10 seconds to check it out and tell me that wasn’t easy.

Penzu : Free Private Journal and Diary

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