Evernote: beta invites for your memory

Evernote: beta invites for your memory

Our white suits work. Alex Pachikov walked up to me a few minutes ago, asking what the overdressing was about. I’m glad he did, as he’s the director of Evernote, a promising start-up that made me enthusiastic the second Alex showed it on my Mac. The uber-stylish and modern design expresses what the service is about: creating a visual notebook to memorize anything you stumbled on.

Alex Pachikov from Evernote.com and Ernst-Jan Pfauth
Alex Pachikov from Evernote.com

You can do that by downloading their desktop and mobile app. Make a picture or a screenshot and sync it with the website – where you can look up the notebook. You can then use it as one big library of things to remember, but I think Evernote also functions perfectly as some sort of mood board. I used to have an ‘Inspiration’ album in iPhoto, yet Evernote will definitely replace this. Especially as your notebook is available off line as well.

Also digging the idea already? It’s getting better. Since we’re at an altsearchengines meeting, there must be some link with searching here. Well, there is, and not just a mediocre one. You can search within the notebooks as it recognizes text in images. Even handwriting! For example, when I search for San Francisco in my notebook, Evernote finds a screenshot of a Google map I’ve made and highlights the terms:

Route on Google Maps and Evernote

They don’t offer any syncing with other services like Twitter yet, but Alex told me they will soon start working on some API magic. Although he did tell me that Evernote isn’t that much about sharing and more like a personal service: “It’s your second memory”, he said.

Well here’s some good news for you: we have fifty private beta invites for your memory! Digg this post, leave a comment and I’ll personally email you a link to the sign-up page of Evernote.

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