Live coverage from PLUGG, Brussels

Live coverage from PLUGG, Brussels

Schedule - PluggBoris, Robert and me just arrived at the fancy Hotel Plaza in Brussels for ‘a European perspective on Web 2.0’. If the Wifi connection survives – it looks pretty good right now – we’ll cover this event for you. It’s up to TechCrunch UK’s Mike Butcher to now open the event – which is called Plugg by the way, while everybody is still having their regular conference breakfast: croissants and coffee.

After that, Rebecca Jennings from Forrester Research will address Social Computing in Europe in her keynote. To know what happens then, have a look at the schedule. If you have any requests about covering, or you want us to ask a certain question, give us a shout on Twitter.


Plugg 2008 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Butcher opening the conference by walking into the public, asking who people are

More photos by Robert
or Ernst-Jan

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