Push notification provider Push IO launches Windows 8 support including live tiles and toast

Push notification provider Push IO launches Windows 8 support including live tiles and toast

Push IO is one of the biggest third-party push notification providers out there for platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Today, it’s announcing support for Windows 8, including live tiles and the brief toast notification format.

“We’re excited by the tremendous opportunity that support for Windows 8 represents and look forward to welcoming a whole new class of apps to our platform,” said Dan Burcaw, Co-Founder and CEO of Push IO. “Our customers love the ability to use one service to target all their users regardless of device.”

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There’s a bunch of different features supported for Windows 8 developers including live tiles, toasts, tracking, analytics and location. Cross platform push notifications that allow you to work with Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, iOS and Android are also logistically superior to the single-platform solutions that are offered by Microsoft, Google or Apple.

I’ve long been fascinated with how push notifications will evolve as our mobile platforms become the center of our computing experience. Especially as wearables get bigger, they’ll become the link between these small devices and our brains. I’ve had a small taste of that with the Pebble, but that’s just scratching the surface. Take the work that the habit building app Lift is doing with programmatic push, sensing the customer’s engagement and interest in push and reacting accordingly. There’s still a lot to be done, but I think it’s one of the most overlooked components of the mobile ecosystem.

The new Push IO Manager SDK for Windows 8 and documentation are now live.

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