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TNW Conference USA

Buy a OnePlus One Smartphone online without an invite for the next 72 hours

Just in time for Black Friday, the OnePlus One is available for purchase without an invite for the next 72 hours, across all the markets it currently ships to.


Yoozon hosts CMS sites using Dropbox, no FTP required

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 1.39.17 pm

Dropshare helps you share files securely using a service you control

UK parliament

Social Media Sites Must Simplify Terms, Say UK Politicians

adventure travel

The Real Reason Unlimited Vacation Policies Work


Yahoo and Flickr Mix Social Computing Into Image Recognition

geometric fist endurance strength

The Art of Endurance: How to Boost Your Willpower


Yandex.Browser is a Bold UI Experiment

Screenshot 2014-11-27 16.35.57 Search & Play Soundbites From Movies