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TNW Conference USA

Yandex’s new browser is a bold UI experiment that takes the best from Chrome and Opera

Russian internet giant Yandex has launched an alpha version of its new Chromium-based browser for Windows and Mac OS X that incorporates a few interesting ideas of how a modern…

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Search and play specific soundbites from movies with


Musixmatch brings its lyrics catalog to the Web, replete with song-synchronization for karaoke nuts


2 Classic Photo and Type Approaches Influence Modern Design


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Jolla Tablet

Jolla Tablet Will Go 3.5G If It Hits $2.5 Million In Crowd-Funding


How Latin America's Trivia Crack Cracked the USA

independent hacked

The Independent And Others Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Google EU 2

EU Votes to Back a Proposal to Break Google Search Away from Its Other Services