Spotify is now available in 20 new countries across the globe covering Europe, South and Central America, matching many of those added by rival music streaming service Rdio earlier today.

The new markets are listed below, with a star next to them to denote that Rdio is expanding there too:

Bolivia (*), Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica (*), Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic (*), Ecuador (*), El Salvador (*), Guatemala (*), Honduras (*), Hungary (*), Malta, Nicaragua (*), Panama, (*) Paraguay (*), Peru(*), Slovakia and Uruguay(*).

Spotify is now available in 55 markets worldwide, leapfrogging Rdio, which moved up to 51 a few hours ago. Both pale in comparison to Deezer, however, which is available in over 180 countries and heading to the United States sometime in 2014.

Spotify launched a free version of its music streaming service for iOS and Android devices today, as well as exclusive access to Led Zeppelin’s back catalog.

Image Credit: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP/Getty Images