F.ounders has earned itself a special place in the European tech scene over the past two years. An invite-only event, it allows the leaders of the world’s top tech companies to come together in a high-profile, but private, setting alongside the Dublin Web Summit.

That’s all well and good for the top brass of the tech scene, but what about the best of the early-stage startups out there? This year, F,ounders is getting a sister event aimed at them – START.

START will bring together a small group of the world’s most exciting early-stage startups, plus investors and media for a private, invite-only gathering in Dublin in October.

The organizers are looking for startups under 3 years old who have raised under $5 million to attend START. A number of the best European and US VCs and a range of entrepreneurs and some journalists will be in attendance too. The startups will get access to an exclusive series of events and the Dublin Web Summit itself.

Considering that F.ounders is “The Rolls Royce of tech events,” if you’re an early-stage startup you’re probably wondering by now how you get into START. To get in, you’ll need an invitation, but you can nominate a startup that you’d like to be considered. To do so, fill in the form on the website.

The announcement of START follows an already busy first half of the year for the Web Summit team, who have put on F.ounders New York, and a series of bar-based meet-ups across Europe.


Image credit: Norlando Pobre