Creativity will never be an exact science. Sometimes the juices flow, but other times it’s easy to feel all dried up. And while changing your workspace and rethinking your process are simple ways to see things differently, sometimes all you need to do is see great work to get inspired.

For those situations, here’s our growing list of places to visit when you hit a dry spell. There’s enough here to last you quite a while (nearly 100 sites), so you may need to a deep breath and close all your other tabs. Note: Our favorites are in bold.

General Design

Often dubbed “design porn,” here’s a collection of 29 inspirational sites that were suggested by TNW’s readers from all fields of graphic design. AbsolutistAIGA Design ArchivesBehanceBitiqueBlogless, Design Less BetterBooooooomBrand NewBrand New: The B-Side, CampsiteDesignspirationDesign is KinkyDesigners go to HeavenFFFFound!FormFiftyFiveGrain EditGraphic ExchangeInformation AestheticsIt’s Nice ThatLogo Design Love, Looks like Good DesignMocolocoOkay GreatProcessed IdentityQuipsologiesReform RevolutionSiteinspireSwiss MissVisuelle .


Here’s 14 Inspirational sites that don’t quite fit in with pure graphic design blogs. Expect a vivid mix of illustration, fashion, decor, photography and art. Design SpongeFrom Scandinavia with LoveMintOh JoyOh So Beautiful PaperNotcot, Pitch Design UnionShare Some Candy Sight UnseenSvpplyThe FancyThe Visual DictionaryToday and TomorrowYewknee .

Print, Packaging & Product Design

17 Sites specifically catered towards design that’s off the computer screen. AisleoneBeast PiecesBench.liBook Cover ArchiveDesignWorkLifeDesigner DailyFor Print Only (FPO)Identity DesignedISO50Lovely Package, Lovely StationeryPackaging UQAMSerifs and SansSwiss LegacyThe DielineThe New Graphic, Retronaut Ads .


19 Sites of strictly typographic awesomeness for the font obsessed. Art of the MenuBook Cover ArchiveFonts in UseFontseekFriends of TypeSpecimenismSwiss Type (see our full review), Type Connection (see our full review) ,Beautiful Web Type (see our full review), Typeverything Type for YouType GoodnessType TokenTypography DailyTypographic PostersTypography ServedUpscale TypographyWe Love TypographyTNW Typography .

Web & UI

18 Inspirational sites that are particularly suited for Web and mobile designers. DribbbleDribbbleboard (see our review here), CSS Mania, AwwwardsDesign FridgeWeb PicksTheFWAWeb Creme, Design Licks, Best Web Gallery Make Better Websites, Media Queries, Premium PixelsLittle Big Details (see our review here), PttrnsPatternTapMobile UI Patterns, The Best Designs, Scoutzie


Although most designers today do most of their work digitally, every once and a while it can even be best to step away from the computer and look elsewhere for inspiration. Some designers can find inspiration in just about anything, which is a wonderful trait to have. Plus, looking outside your industry leaves you with the opportunity to bring new ideas to the table. You can also (literally) look outside, wander around and enjoy nature, as some of our readers recommend:


In the end, it doesn’t matter at all how the inspiration comes, just so long as you know how to tap into it. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to look around.

If you have any favorite sources of inspiration, links or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below and we’ll add our favorites to the list!

*Huge thanks to everyone who submitted already, especially @auraseltzer*