From Hinge and Let’s Date, to Grindr and Tinder, if there’s one thing the world doesn’t need, it’s another dating app. But a new entry into the space is looking to find its niche with a dating app that uses your voice as your passport.

The lowdown

Revealr is the handiwork of London-based duo Paul Laight and Guy Harrington. The iPhone-only app requires you to log-in with your Facebook credentials and, while this in itself will likely deter many people, it’s worth noting that the same applies to other dating apps, including Tinder.

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At any rate, Revealr is looking to set itself apart from the rest by letting users introduce themselves verbally with a 20-second gambit. This is revealed alongside a pixelated profile photo


Users can browse through profiles seeing only a forename, location, age and the 20-second audio clip. Once a mutual match is made – i.e. two people ‘like’ each other – both parties are revealed to each other and they are then free to chat.

It’s an interesting concept for sure, given that ‘voice’ is certainly a key attribute that determines a person’s ‘attractiveness’. However, one can’t help but think that ‘looks’ are ultimately the more crucial factor when looking for a date initially. Only time will tell whether dulcet tones and a pixelated profile picture is enough to convince people to make that first connection.

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