Hot on the heels of the release of iOS 6 (catch our full review here) Apple has just pushed out the update for OS X 10.8.2 which gives a huge set of new features. Most notably you now have single sign on for Facebook, as well as phone number merging for iMessages that are sent to your phone.

There are some other changes that are important as well, as you can see in the full list via the App Store. But the highlight to me is the ability to drop all changes from a document before attempting to Save As. There’s also the ability to see mentions from anyone via Twitter, instead of just those whom you follow. Tweets sent via the Notification Center will also have their URLs shortened.

The update also starts the integration of Apple’s Passbook. You’ll now be able to add items to Passbook via Mail or Safari.

In short, 10.8.2 is the OS X release that brings the desktop OS into parity with the newly-released iOS 6. It’s a substantial update, and it’s free, so get downloading.

Image: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images