Startup concept for sale:

Startup concept for sale:

I don’t even remember why we registered I do remember it was at the height of the ‘blogging’  hype and I thought it was the best domain, ever! For a while we offered several widgets that people could install in their blog websites but they were only moderately successful. The domain has been redirecting to this blog for a while now although I did use the server it was hosted on, and the domain, to test some projects every now and then.

Today we are selling the domain in another public auction. If you win the auction this is what you will get:

– The domain
– Follow-up post when you buy it
– Follow-up post when you sell your company to Facebook, Google or Twitter

Basically you are buying yourself a guaranteed review on The Next Web, something that otherwise wouldn’t happen, so that alone is worth thousands of dollars.

Bidding starts right now:

➤ on Flippa

This is the 6th concept we are selling. Our other auctions are: (Auction | Blogpost)
Sold for $470  (Auction | Blogpost)
Sold for $405  (Auction | Blogpost)
Bidding now at $255 with 1 day to go  (Auction | Blogpost)
Bidding now at $255 with 15 days to go  (Auction | Blogpost)
Bidding now at $205 with 22 days to go

Image credit: Casey Serin

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