Startup concept for sale:

Startup concept for sale:

Last week we offered up (bidding still going and now at $405 at Flippa) via Flippa and this week we have another new concept to sell:

The concept for Intermediads was simple; you can’t stuff too much information into a 125×125 button ad. So why not add a dynamic layer on hover that displayes a little more information about the company that is advertising. Like this:

Illustration 1
A few 125×125 ads are shown, the user moves their cursor over the wakoopa one

Illustration 2
The button reveals there is more to see, the user unfolds the button

Illustration 3
An window displays some meta data about the company that is advertising

Genius huh? Well, maybe not. We hacked away on the concept for a while and then abandoned the project. Today you can buy the domain name including that basic plan and this awesome logo and the starting price is just $10:

What that gets you:

– The domain
– The plan (you just read it)
– The logo (In PSD format)
– The original javascript and HTML code
– Follow-up post when you buy it
– Follow-up post when you sell your company

Basically you are buying yourself a guaranteed review on The Next Web, something that money usually can’t buy, so that alone is worth thousands of dollars.

Bidding starts at $10, right now:

➤ auction on Flippa

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