Can’t get to a conference, then get to

Can’t get to a conference, then get to

When you can’t get to a conference in person these days, you can normally watch the livestream or videos on YouTube and follow the Twitter hashtag for a stream of information on what’s going on in real-time. The problem is these are normally watched on separate channels or sites and many conference organizers do not know how to consolidate and aggregate all their media into one place. Conferize is aiming to change all that as it wants to be the go-to destination for conferences world-wide.

There are over 500,000 annual conferences world-wide and Conferize wants to have  50 M users worldwide after 4 years. They aim to make money by becoming a marketing channel for connecting conference content with the right people.

I caught up with founder Martin Ferro-Thomsen at i/O Ventures who has been visiting Silicon Valley as part of the SCALEit program which bought twenty danish startups to get a taste of Silicon Valley culture, Innovation Center Denmark, a government organization, is behind it.

‘We will have a projected turnover of $ 50 M after 4 years of operation, effectively disrupting old B2B giants such as Cvent,’ said Ferro-Thomsen.

‘The conference industry is bigger than auto manufacturing, yet it’s fragmented on almost every level. Innovation needs to come from outside, from our experienced and highly motivated team of entrepreneurs, academics and developers – we’ve done this before and have a unique opportunity to claim the conference category online,’ he added.

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