Aliens invading Steam in exclusive short films from District 9 director

A series of alien invasion short films is coming to Steam — courtesy of District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. The trailer for the first film, Oats Volume 1 is now available.

The new film the product of Blomkamp’s experimental studio, Oats Studios. As the name implies, it’s the first in a series of short films to be released on Valve’s digital platform.

Blomkamp first floated the idea of his movies on Steam in April. According to Blomkamp, the reason he turned to Steam — as opposed to more film-friendly platforms like YouTube or Vimeo — is to release both the movie and its assets in one place.

While he plans to turn the short films into a big-budget release eventually, he doesn’t plan to charge for Volume 1 and might subsidize the film’s production via the sale of these extras.

Steam’s movie rental platform has not exactly been met with acclaim. As my colleague Abhimanyu Ghoshal pointed out when the movie section opened, the princely prices Steam asked for a 48-hour rental can’t compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. But maybe exclusive rights to films from a popular director will attract more positive attention.

According to the trailer, the film will be “streaming soon.”

The Director of ‘District 9’ Is Releasing Wild Sci-Fi Films on Steam on Motherboard

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