Watch this TV reporter mistake GTA 4 cheat codes for secret military codes

In the wake of Turkey’s failed military coup, this reporter thought she got her hands on a piece of extremely important information.

But that didn’t really turn out to be the case.

For an exclusive news segment on Turkish TV, she showed her incredible find — secret military codes that were used during the events in Istanbul.

However, in the close-up it turns out the codes are actually GTA 4 cheats for health, guns and armor.

The reporter tells the viewers something that roughly translates to this:

This is how they communicate in secrets. Even though it says “cheats,” health and gun, health and armor, weather, these were the things they used in the coup.

While the note says:



I/ Health and Gun

II/Health and Armor

Hey, we all make mistakes — but maybe she knows something we don’t.

Atv'nin GTA 4 Şifrelerini Darbe Şifresi Sanması on YouTube

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