Watch Mayor Bloomberg from this week’s New York Tech Meetup

Watch Mayor Bloomberg from this week’s New York Tech Meetup

In case you haven’t heard of the New York Tech Meetup, it’s unlike any other tech meetup in the world. It’s in a town so terrifically proud of its dynamic and fast-growing tech scene that there’s literally a secondary market to snag tickets.

Every month, 9 or 10 companies get 3 to 5 minutes each to demo something cool to New York’s tech community of geeks, investors, entrepreneurs and hackers. This week was an incredibly big week for the NYTM community, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg making his first ever appearance at the Tuesday night event. After speaking about his own background as an entrepreneur, he focused on New York’s growing role in the country’s technology industry:

“I am not here to pitch you the Bloomberg terminal, although if you have $20,000 a month lying around, I will take it. I want to pitch you New York City, which is near and dear to my heart. Tech will define the 21st century and this crowd has the power to make New York our nation’s tech capital.”

Jessica Lawrence of New York Tech Meetup was kind enough to post his speech and other announcements, including the upcoming Raise Cache event in this video. (Mayor’s remarks start about 5 minutes in.)

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