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TNW2019 Daily: How to become a volunteer


There are only 34 days left until our tech conference, TNW2019! As we approach May 9 and 10, I’d like to share a little life hack for how you can attend for free.

Volunteer at TNW2019

Last year, my younger sister joined TNW2018 as a volunteer. She wanted to enjoy the tech festival vibes, meet interesting people, and build up her CV – and she had a blast. If you’re looking to do the same, I highly recommend joining us for TNW2019 as a volunteer, together with our partner Soon! You can sign up right here.

There’s even a free t-shirt involved. I may have stolen one. They’re very comfy.

P.S. We promise you won’t have to fight to the death.

Speaker spotlight: Chris Slowe

Chris Slowe is the CTO and founding engineer of Reddit. He’s constantly improving your experience browsing the gems of the internet while you’re supposed to be working.

At TNW2019, he’ll be discussing how to build online communities that thrive. He’ll explore three key pillars: helping people discover and join communities, empowering community moderation, and providing a performative and efficient infrastructure. Don’t miss his talk on our Sprint track!

That concludes today’s TNW2019 Daily. Tune in next week for more TNW Conference highlights, and make sure to catch up on previous editions right here.

Published April 5, 2019 — 14:29 UTC