Seriously, what’s growth hacking?

Seriously, what’s growth hacking?

There are lots of buzzwords out there — so many that it’s pretty easy to make up new ones and get others to start using them. Next time you’re introducing yourself to someone, just say you work as a Responsive Synergy Disruptor, and see their jaws drop in awe.

One of the most common terms, which is also one of the most sought after skills for employers, is growth hacking. But is it all bullshit?

Growth hacking is essentially a form of marketing driven by empiricism and data. Lots of data. Growth hackers experiment with strategies to get traffic and visitors to their platforms, and then retain these visitors as users and customers.

Skeptical of growth hacking? Not sure of how it can help you grow your business or brand? Luckily for you, David Arnoux, the Head of Growth at Growth Tribe, Europe’s first growth academy, is joining us on Tuesday, May 14th to take ALL of your questions.

Drop them here now and he’ll be answering them soon!

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