TNW Conference attendees tell us why they’re here

TNW Conference attendees tell us why they’re here

With thousands of attendees from every field of interest, from tech to marketing, we asked the crowd at TNW’s 2018 conference one simple question: Why are you here? The diversity of answers didn’t disappoint us.

“I gave a talk today on how we shifted our strategy to focus more on creators and the future of video. It’s been really great to share our strategy and mission and story at The Next Web. Also, it’s really nice to be here in Amsterdam and to connect more directly with their community in Europe.” — Anjali Sud. CEO, Vimeo

“We’re a very young startup, so we’re here to get customers or other collaborations, meeting people, getting the word out. And we were selected to pitch!” — Willemijn Waterbolk. Co-founder/Growth hacker, Flickfeeder

“I work in Finland in a company that produces learning technologies. It’s my second time here, and it’s always a nice place to look around and network.” — Thomas Åberg, Development Director, Real Estate Publishing

I got an invitation link for the T500 group and I applied and got a ticket. So obviously why not, I mean, look at this place! I hope to meet loads of people and get tips and inspiration and friends.” — Matthew Neary. Co-founder,

To find out what stuff is going on! Also because we’re trying to launch in Asia and we’re trying to figure out how to do that best. We think we can get a feel for the Chinese market here and learn from other attendees.” — Veronika Rubach. Media planner, Affiliprint

I’m here to educate myself, explore what we can do globally, digitally and to meet nice people.” Hannah Russell. Global Digital Service Manager, Lush Digital

“I’m here for networking and mainly for investing funds. A lot of potential investors are here. Otherwise it takes a lot of time, and we know people from TQ.” — Wouter Moll, WT Interactive

“I’m here because it’s a different kind of tech conference. It’s real people meeting and experiencing technology and innovation together.” Simone Giuseppe Dedda. Digital Transformation Consultant, H-Farm SpA


“We’re doing a project on cloud technology and startups. We needed more info, just trying to find out what they like, don’t like, etc.” Paul Van Kemenade. Student, Fontys University

Bonus response:

“Free fucking ticket.” — Lauren Gilmore, former TNW employee

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