TNW’s Big Spam: Here’s how to finally quit smoking

TNW’s Big Spam: Here’s how to finally quit smoking

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Top trending tech news:

💿 Best Buy will stop selling CDs (TNW)
📞 You can pre-order Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro in the US
😮 Twitter’s head of VR/AR left the company (TechCrunch)

What we’re talking about:

Good hands? Allstate Insurance is searching your social media.

The worst idea of 2018 (so far) is this “Revenge Spam” service. Signing up people for unwanted emails isn’t funny, cute, or creative. Also, it’s kinda illegal. Love, Big Spam.

Turns out being cute makes robots function better. Maybe getting cuter will make you better at your job, too.

Artificial intelligence is giving the entire medical field superpowers.

All Ledger wallets have a bug that lets hackers steal your crypto coins.

Finally, this guy locked his head in a cage to quit smoking. His wife has the key, and only unlocks it when he needs to eat. If that’s not love, I don’t know what love is.

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Update on your flamethrower order:

Love you, mean it!

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