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Going fully electric could save more than 6,000 lives in the US by 2050

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When we talk about electric vehicles (EVs), we often speak of how they’re better for the planet than combustion engined vehicles. But it goes without saying that they’re also better for human health.

Earlier this week, the American Lung Association published its “Road to Clean Air” report and detailed the impact that moving to EVs would have on respiratory health in the States.

The ALA found that if the US pivoted totally to electric transport, the country could save more than 6,300 lives and prevent 93,000 asthma attacks over the next 30 years. If that wasn’t compelling enough, it would also translate to saving more than $72 billion in associated healthcare costs.

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Those figures are contingent upon the US pivoting so that 100% of vehicle sales are electric by 2045. That includes passenger cars, heavy-duty vehicles, commercial vehicles, school buses, and airport shuttles. Basically, every kind of new vehicle sold by 2045 needs to be electric if the ALA’s estimations are to be met.

That’s one huge leap forward for a country that has relied on combustion engine vehicles. At present, less than 5% of new car sales to individual drivers are electric vehicles.

When it comes to combustion engine vehicles, particularly diesel, we’re well aware of the impact that particulate emissions can have on health. A 2018 article from the Guardian reported that diesel emissions was costing healthcare providers across the EU €72 billion per year.

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Published September 15, 2020 — 14:13 UTC