Pornhub data shows phones are our new masturbation stations

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Every year adult content titan Pornhub releases its annual report to highlight some of the most popular and unusual trends it noticed on its website over the course of the past twelve months – and we finally have the rundown on what kept netizens excited in 2017.

The porn giant has revealed that it managed to attract a total of 28.5 billion visits to its website, averaging at about 81 million visits per day. All this activity amounted to more than four million new videos uploaded to the platform, equalling a total running time of more than 68 years.

Pornhub further says users consumed a staggering 3,732 petabytes – a little over 10 million GBs per day – of porn throughout the entire year. For context, this is enough to fill the storage of every iPhone currently in use around the world, according to Pornhub.

Curiously, it seems that most people’s preferred watching device is their smartphone.

The adult content distributor discovered that desktop streaming accounts for merely 24 percent of all traffic. By comparison, smartphone and tablet make up for 67 and nine percent, accordingly. So… better wash your hands thoroughly next time you touch someone else’s phone.

As far as regions go, India was the country with the highest mobile to desktop watching ratio, with 86 percent of all locals opting to view smut flicks from their smartphones. This is not all that surprising given that there were reports that people in India were using public wi-fi to peek at porn clips while waiting for the train.

Much like last year, most of the desktop traffic to Pornhub came from Windows users, which made up for 80 percent of all visits. By contrast, Mac users accounted for 15 percent of the traffic, leaving three percent for Linux and two percent for other operating systems.

The OS split on mobile was more balanced, with 50 percent of all visitors using Android handsets and 47 percent using iPhones. Then there are the unfortunate two-percenters that accessed Pornhub from the now-discontinued Windows Mobile OS.

What’s your preferred device to watch porn from? Don’t be afraid to overshare down in the comments.

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