Someone made a site that tells you if Travis Kalanick is still the CEO of Uber

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Following a disastrous string of publicity blunders over the past several months, earlier today tainted Silicon Valley entrepreneur Travis Kalanick announced he will be stepping down from his role as a CEO at Uber. But it seems one mysterious netizen had seen this coming all along.

A week ago someone registered the bizarrely prophetic domain As the name gives out, the website has simply been set up to indicate whether Kalanick is still operating as the CEO of Uber – and it appears someone is yet to update the page.

The cryptic site continues to read ‘Yes’ – followed by an ominous ‘… for now’ – several hours after the news of Kalanick’s resignation first began making the rounds.

In the lead-up to his departure from Uber, Kalanick had faced accusations of rampant sexism, toxic bro culture, blatant disrespect for blue-collar workers and numerous dirty little tricks to snoop on customers. It appears, though, that his brash leadership approach finally caught up with him.

Despite all of his shortcomings, Kalanick played a crucial role in building Uber from the ground up and turning it into the $70-billion behemoth that it is today. Unfortunately for him, Uber’s board of directors was no longer comfortable to leave the fate of the company in his hands.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a decent ‘THIS GUY!’ joke, we’ve got one from the distant 2013 for you:

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