Nivea made a seagull drone that poops sunscreen on kids

Nivea made a seagull drone that poops sunscreen on kids

Of all the ways to apply sunscreen, ‘getting pooped on by a seagull’ does not sound like the best option. Still, that’s what Nivea is banking on with a new, rather ridiculous ad campaign.

Here’s the premise: kids apparently don’t like to wear sunscreen, so Nivea partnered with an ad agency to build a seagull drone that hunts and poops out sunscreen onto the unsuspecting children.

Never mind the difficulty of actually landing the protective excrement on the kids, not pooping it into their eyes, or how parents – presumably in on the joke for this campaign – would react to such application methods.

Nivea was serious though. They even submitted the ad for a Cannes Lion prize. A judge called it “the most stupid thing” he’s ever seen, and jokes about whether Nivea had collaborated with Monty Python.

Mind you, this isn’t Nivea’s first tango with building strange devices to encourage kids to apply sunscreen. Last year it created a couple of pretty creepy dolls that would get burnt without proper sunscreen application.

Personally, I feel being repeatedly defecated on by a robotic seagull would be more traumatic than helpful. But hey, you should wear your sunscreen, pooping seagull or not.

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