Snoop Dogg is back on Reddit with another smokin’ AMA

Snoop Dogg is back on Reddit with another smokin’ AMA

He’s back. Snoop Dogg Lion returned to Reddit for a follow-up to his epic Ask Me Anything (AMA) last December, and this time around the rapper gathered together his four kids and gave an AMA that was just as good as the first.

As was the case last year, smoking weed and the munchies are among the prime topics of conversation for the thread. Some of the interesting items Snoop reveals include: he likes listening to K-Pop and Bollywood music, that he’s recently adopted two cats — here’s photographic evidence — his favorite cartoon is Futurama (good choice) and — importantly — he has both Android and iOS phones…”because I’m rich”.

Snoop (Here_Comes_The_King) also ‘flipped’ the AMA and asked himself some questions — including what is his favorite soup.

Here are some of our picks below — be sure to check out the full AMA here.

What is the meaning of life, Snoop?

That you gotta share your gifts wit tha world

On a scale of 1-10, how high are you right now?


What character in the Star Wars Universe would you smoke weed with and why??

darth vader – he need help wit his breathn !! darth vaporizer UHEARME

How long does it take you to do your hair?

bout [10] blunts

What do you think about marijuana being decriminalized in Vermont?

I think that its bout time! now tha rest of tha world need to catch up

Will you ever change your persona back to Snoop Dogg?

ill always be tha dogg

Here’s a strictly NSFW video that Snoop put out alongside the latest AMA. We’re already looking forward to the next installment.

Headline image via Snoop Lion, Hat tip: @mikeisaac

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