Snoop Dogg’s Reddit AMA is for rizzle

Snoop Dogg’s Reddit AMA is for rizzle

Snoop Dogg is sitting atop the imaginary list of people winning the Internet today with his Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A.

I’ll let you read through the thread yourself, but you’re in for some serious illumination. Apparently, Mr. Dogg/Lion smokes marijuana quite often. He’s also agreed to adopt a redditor and has even taken to asking himself questions.

Oh, and this is probably not safe for work. Unless you work at a medicinal marijuana clinic or something. Here are some highlights (his username is ‘Here_Comes_The_King’):

Shalom86: Who’s better at smoking weed, Dave Chapelle or Dr. Dre?
Here_Comes_The_King: Dave chappelle !

martzzz 1696: Are you always high before concerts/recordings?
Here_Comes_The_King: yessir

dr3paceman: On average, how much do you smoke in a week?
Here_Comes_The_King: 81 blunts a day x 7

StongBad: what’s the longest you’ve gone without smoking?
Here_Comes_The_King: 164 days

Brett_Favre_4: When did that happen?
Here_Comes_The_King: About 5 years ago! my uncle Charlie Wilson got me to take a quic break

tejmuk: What was it like working with pac? why did you 2 fall out before his death? whats your fave pac album?
Here_Comes_The_King: It was a beautiful thing! Miss him

froo2: What is the best advice you can give to a white 19 year old girl in college?
Here_Comes_The_King: make sure u graduate

threedowg: Can I get high with you?
Here_Comes_The_King: Come 2 tha show n ask for me

It would appear the AMA is timed to coincide with Snoop Lion’s “Here Comes the King” music video.

You can read Snoop’s full AMA over at Reddit here.

Snoop isn’t the first major name to drop by Reddit for an interview, President Obama paid the site a visit before his successful reelection. The President’s session was such a hit that it brought too much traffic to Reddit and subsequently crashed the site.

Obama late popped back to thank redditors and ask them to ‘upvote’ him in the election.

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Image credit: Snoop Lion, hat tip @ajt

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