BiteMe Too launches a clever cookbook with QR codes

BiteMe Too launches a clever cookbook with QR codes

QR codes seem all the rage these days: We’re using QR codes to teach foreign languages, as business cards, as wine apps and on gravestones. Big brands like Kellogg’s and Pacific Natural Foods have relied on them to influence customers to learn and buy more. This week, bestselling authors Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat, also known as the “Seinfeldian home cooks” took a deliberately different approach with their latest cookbook called Bite Me Too.

So it’s not an iPad app like most modern-day cookbooks, it’s a print book – with QR codes. The cookbook is peppered with QR coded videos of the sisters cooking in their own kitchens, throwing parties, and cooking the authentic, “Bite Me way”. Instead of the common QR coded incentive or product information typically found on food and beverage products, the “Bite Me Too” cookbook uses QR Codes to capture a world “where great eating, easy feeding and multi-sensory feasts are a piece of cake”.

Here are the links to a few of the videos that the QR codes trigger.

It’s one of those fun, in-between technologies that we may look back and giggle at in 10 years time. But for now, it’s a real cookbook with QR code enabled video instructions that every age cook will enjoy.

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