Show off your Instagram best with a custom iPhone case from Casetagram

Show off your Instagram best with a custom iPhone case from Casetagram

If you’re an Instagram fiend like I am, then you are looking for opportunities to show off your best Instagram photos.

I’ve written about Calendagram, which turns your favorite Instagram photos into a beautiful wall calendar. But what if you could take your best photos with you everywhere you go for showcasing?

Casetagram will turn your popular Instagram photos into an iPhone case for toting around to bars and events where people will be impressed by your eye for photography and choice of filters.

For $34.95 with free shipping, you can hand-pick the photos for your Instagram inspired iPhone case. Best part is, they ship anywhere in the world.

To design your case, simply login with Instagram. Your photos will be available at the bottom of the design page, and Casetagram makes the whole process extremely simple. You can choose from four different designs, and place your photos wherever you like.

Once you’re finished, you’re a checkout away from the awesomest iPhone case you’ve ever had.

Here’s the catch though, this would be an awesome gift for someone who loves taking photos with Instagram, but unfortunately you can’t access other people’s photos with the Instagram API. Again, this is because the service doesn’t want you to rip off other people’s pictures, but it makes it impossible to create a custom case for someone other than yourself. Unless your friends really love your photos that much.

Castegram does however let you create your own case and ask others to buy it for you. Simply save it and share your personal gallery link with your friends.

For $34.95, Casetagram hit a perfect price point for those of you who want a stylish case that has you written all over it.


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