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TNW launches Podium, our curated expert community

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Már Másson Maack
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Már Másson Maack

Editor, Growth Quarters & Podium by TNWMár tries to juggle his editorial duties and write the occasional weird article. He also loves talking about himself in the third person. Már tries to juggle his editorial duties and write the occasional weird article. He also loves talking about himself in the third person.


We’re happy to announce TNW’s latest venture, Podium!

Our staff writers work tirelessly to bring you all the latest and weirdest news in tech on our main site, TNW. But like some Bond villain once said, “the world is not enough.” That’s why we’ve launched subbrands for more in-depth and detailed coverage on certain topics, like hardware (Hey, Plugged!) and blockchain (Hard Fork, over here). Today we’re launching our newest subbrand, Podium, which will spotlight TNW’s curated expert community, where they’ll talk about what they know best.

We come across a lot of brilliant people in the tech world, whether it’s through interviews, chance discoveries online, interesting talks at TNW Conference, or during Friday drinks at the TQ club. We’ve been looking for a way to showcase the greater TNW community and its fascinating ideas for a while, and then we finally found the solution: launching Podium.

Podium is our platform where we work with the best experts to share their original opinions, analyses, and advice with TNW’s readers. In addition to covering major tech topics such as AI, privacy, design, and killer robots, Podium is also a platform for entrepreneurs to share their personal stories and best practices when it comes to business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

And who are these experts? Podium includes people from all around the world who have hands-on experience and opinions, and want to share them. Our expert community includes people such as our own CEO, the co-founder of Wikipedia, the CEO of Imgur, and a dark web specialist, among others.

Podium features writers as much as stories, as its new design includes more visible bios at the top of each article. This will also give you, the reader, greater context as you’ll be able to see not only who wrote the article, but also why you should listen.

We’re extremely excited about bringing you undiluted, top-quality expert commentary — so please enjoy!

If you’re interested in knowing even more about Podium and our mission, then head on over to our about page.
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Published March 4, 2019 — 16:07 UTC

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