About Podium

What is Podium?

On TNW and our great sub-brands, our staff writers work tirelessly to bring you all the latest and weirdest news in tech. But on Podium, it’s TNW’s curated expert community that takes the stage.

Podium is our platform for experts to share their insights by bringing fresh opinions, analyses, and advice to TNW’s readers. In addition to all major tech topics — AI, cybersecurity, design, UI/UX, cryptocurrencies, social media, killer robots, programming, tech regulations, big data, privacy, etc. — Podium is a platform for exchanging interesting ideas on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Why is Podium?

Podium is here to give an amplified stage to people who have original, interesting, heartwarming, insightful, or useful things to say. We want to make sure those stories are told in the best and most attractive way possible.

Podium’s goal is to bring you expert insights in a fresh and undiluted way. To achieve that, we emphasize stories with a personal and clear tone instead of the dry business/corporate way of writing.

Basically, we publish useful stories written by humans, for humans.

Who is Podium?

If we’d be awful people, we’d say Podium is you. But we’re not. But it is.

Podium consists of the people in TNW’s curated expert community. We invite people from all around the world who have hands-on experiences and opinionated thoughts — and enjoy writing.

Our expert community has featured people such as our own CEO, the co-founder of Wikipedia, seasoned journalist, CEO of Imgur, and dark web specialist, along with a myriad of other experts in their field. Researchers, developers, designers, marketers, CEOs, seasoned tech reporters, politicians, academics, and speakers of the TNW conferences make up Podium’s knowledge base.

And it could include you.

How to contribute to Podium?

Head on over to Podium’s writing guide to submit your article. The most important thing to keep in mind is scope articles as ‘opinion’, ‘advice’, or ‘analysis’.


TNW is proud to boast a big and diverse expert community on Podium — but with many people come many opinions.

The views expressed on Podium do not necessarily align with TNW’s views. Some of our more seasoned contributing experts have direct publishing access, which means they can publish articles without it going through one of TNW’s editors.

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