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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 ‘Ultra’ 5G might pack 16GB of RAM

I mean, why not

Do you need 16GB of RAM on your phone? No.

Do you want 16GB of RAM? Sure.

That seems to be the logic Samsung is following with the Galaxy S20. Rumors about the S20 are now pouring in at a relentless pace, and now XDA‘s Max Weinbach – who just leaked images of the S20+5G –  says the top-end ‘Ultra’ configuration could come with as much as 16GB of RAM.

To put that in perspective, as Engadget points out, that’s more than PCs. Most people are happy with 8GB of RAM, let alone smartphones with their much more optimized software. It seems the ‘Ultra’ line will be an overkill series for power users – or those with money to spare.

Other highlights include storage up to 512GB plus another 1TB through a microSD card, a 108MP primary camera, a 10x optical zoom telephoto, and a 5000mAh battery. Now if only it had a headphone jack…

The company is expected to announce its new devices in less than a month, so stay tuned for more leaks to surely come.

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Published January 14, 2020 — 02:07 UTC