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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold goes on sale Friday, September 27 in the US

It's been a long time coming

Americans can finally get their hands on Samsung’s ever elusive Galaxy Fold this week. Following its South Korean and UK launches earlier this month, the groundbreaking, fragile phone will be available to buy in the US on Friday, September 27.

The phone will start at the same $1,980 price that was originally announced way back in February. You can expect the 5G model to tack on an extra few hundred dollars.

Samsung’s latest flagship will be available in a locked version from AT&T, or an unlocked variant from Best Buy and Samsung Experience Stores. Curiously, it’s unclear whether Samsung will be selling the phone online just yet, as the company says you can visit to find the nearest location to purchase your Galaxy Fold.

At nearly two grand, this is a phone clearly intended for early adopters. And if you do buy one, you’ll have to be sure to treat the phone with care, as the screen – which is plastic by necessity – is supremely easy to scratch, and the phone is not water or dust resistant.

Still, reinventing the smartphone comes with its challenges; let’s just hope Samsung sells enough that it can be compelled to make a cheaper, more durable version for the masses in the years to come.

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Published September 23, 2019 — 14:52 UTC