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PRIME CHEAP: Suck your responsibilities away with deez MAD Roomba discounts

What are robots for anyhow?

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Welcome to PRIME CHEAP, our series about things that are good, cheap, and part of Amazon’s Prime Day sales. Hey, we gotta eat too. 

I’m lazy. This is why I’ve been trying to outsource as many of my day-to-day responsibilities as possible to robots. I started with masturbation, and I’ve since extended this policy to vacuuming. But there’s no reason why you couldn’t start the opposite way – and we’ve got the perfect thing to introduce you to the wonders of automation.

For Prime Day, Amazon has some wild discounts on a couple of iRobot robo-vacuums: the Roomba 690 and the Roomba 891. The 690 is available for $229.99 (down from $297.49) – a sweet 39-percent discount. You can also grab the 891 for just $299.99 (down from $449).

Why do you I need a Roomba, I’m not as lazy as you are, you might say. Well, maybe you should be.

Roombas are easy to set up, require little attention or maintenance, and you can control them directly from your smartphone (via the iRobot app). They also do a great job of picking up dust, hairs, and other minor debris from the floor.

In the end, it’s all about comfort – and trust me, there is comfort in cutting your cleaning responsibilities by half (or perhaps even altogether).

While I haven’t tried the Roomba 690 and 891 robo-vacuums, I recently had a chance to test out their (more powerful) sibling, the Roomba i7+, and I absolutely loved it. Indeed, I haven’t even had to pick up a vacuum for well over two months since I started using it. Now you can do the same.

And if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, Ecovacs is currently selling a Deebot 500 robotic vacuum for only $169.99 (39 percent off). I’m yet to try out Ecovacs’ offerings, but my colleagues have been pretty happy with them in the past.

Just a heads-up: hurry up because those deals won’t last forever – as of pixel time, there are only 22 hours left to cop a robo-vacuum at a discount. Don’t miss your chance to forget about doing the vacuuming yourself.

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Published July 16, 2019 — 09:14 UTC