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Video: The Big Face Box is a box that makes your face, uhm, big


This video is part of our series on Lille’s Maker Faire. To stay up-to-date on releases (and to find out more), check out our master post here.

We all have days when we lean on a window, look at a grey, grumbling sky, and think “why isn’t my face bigger?” Thankfully – truly a kneel on the earth and worm your fingers into the dirt sort of “thankfully” – there’s a solution: the Big Face Box.

As the name (and headline) suggests, this is literally a box that when you put it on your head it makes your face big. To get the full experience, I suggest you watch the video above. Watch it. Go on, why not? Just watch it.

But I’m tiiiiired, I just wanna read

Well, because you asked so nicely. In simple terms, the Big Face Box is an open source project that’s the brainchild of Yuji Hayashi. The one we used at the Maker Faire in Lille contained four slats of wood (that’s three sides and one at the top), some LEDs, and an optical lens to make your face as large as possible.

Don’t have any wood? Well, you can go even simpler and replace the tree flesh with a lovely old cardboard box instead. Woo!

Uh, why would anyone want a Big Face Box though?

Yuck, why would you even ask that? It’s just a bit of fun that’s meant to spread some joy out into the world. What better reason than that is there to do anything ?


If you’re interested in making one, there’s a handy guide on Hayashi’s website right here. Go on, create your version of the Big Face Box, and send us what you’ve done on Twitter. It’ll definitely bring some joy into our world.

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Published May 1, 2019 — 15:19 UTC

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