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Ikea’s new smart speaker looks like a HomePod crossed with a lamp

And it works in pairs, too

Ikea’s just begun getting into the smart speaker business, and its new offering is designed to fit into any space in your home – but there’s no denying that it kinda resembles an Apple HomePod.

For reference, here’s Apple‘s speaker, which was unveiled back in June 2017:

Similarities aside, Ikea might have a compelling product on its hands. The Symfonisk speaker was developed in collaboration with Sonos, and it works with the latter’s range of smart speakers, as well as its mobile app for streaming music from a range of services. And yes, it does function as a lamp too, with a dial to control it.

The Verge notes that they’re also compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, and two of them can be paired to dish out tunes in stereo, or to work as the rears in a 5.1 speaker configuration, provided you have the necessary Sonos equipment for the rest of the set. Plus, it’ll support Sonos TruePlay, which will adjust the speaker’s output based on its position in your room.


Ikea's Symfonisk works with Sonos' range of smart speakers, and can be controlled via the company's app
Ikea’s Symfonisk works with Sonos’ range of smart speakers, and can be controlled via the company’s app

Sound like your cup of tea? You might want to wait for some reviews in a few months to decide whether these are the best sound-and-light combos for your home. The Symfonisk table lamp will cost $179, and will begin shipping this August.

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Published April 9, 2019 — 06:57 UTC