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Buying an iPhone 7? Check these noise-canceling Lightning earbuds out

If you’re anticipating the loss of an audio jack on the iPhone 7, you’re probably in the market for Lightning-equipped earbuds. If you can wait until early next year, this Indiegogo campaign might have the best ones around.

Thunder (get it? Thunder and Lightning?) promises to bring everything from noise cancelation to in-line controls with great sound. The controls also have an ‘aware mode’ that blocks out much of the noise around you, but lets you stay alert when you need to.

There are also three different sizes of earbuds for customization.

The Thunder is already funded, so it’s a matter of pre-ordering at this point. Unfortunately for early adopters, the earliest delivery is February 2017 — well ahead of the iPhone launch date.

But these are among the first we’ve heard of that offer noise cancellation and Lightning connectivity, so it may be worth the wait. If you’re interested, there is still a $149 ‘early bird’ special available, so jump on it.

Published August 28, 2016 — 15:03 UTC

Thunder on Indiegogo