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Here’s a $9,000 leather smartphone for Bentley owners who’ve gone insane

CES was yet again like a car showroom of the future displaying smart concepts from automakers seeking to ensure they can stay relevant in a post-oil age.

Unfortunately, Bentley clearly didn’t get the memo as it just went live with another “modern smartphone” whose defining features include a leather handset in colors like ‘grape lizard’ and a 3D Bentley logo adorning the product.

Bentley Vertu
Credit: Vertu

Although the third handset in its five-year partnership with gaudy luxury brand Vertu, which came as a Nokia spin-off, has finally dumped the Series 40 OS, it goes live without the latest version of Android.

And the Signature Touch for Bentley, which is handmade in the UK, starts at a frankly insane $9,000, even though it’s restricted to AT&T and T-Mobile, so says The Verge.

And that’s actually a price cut from the more than $20,000 it was asking for its previous, equally hideous Signature for Bentley.

Bentley Vertu 2015
Credit: Bentley

Although its specs are towards the high-end, neither the 1080p display, nor the Snapdragon 810 processor, are the best around. And they’d usually only set you back around $600.

Of course, the handset works with your Bentley and includes a 12-month subscription to a 24-hour concierge, plus exclusive content and event access for its VIP owners.

Of course, that also means you’ll have to pay upwards of $200,000 for the car as well.

If that has ticked all your boxes, you can get your hands on one from January 28, you tasteless fool.

New Signature Touch for Bentley Phone Launch [Bentley via TechSpot]

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Published January 12, 2016 — 17:36 UTC

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