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September game console sales up 200% over 2013 with PlayStation 4 still beating the Xbox One


Fueled by the launch of the new Bungie game, Destiny — and the bundling of consoles and games — Microsoft and Sony’s console sales did pretty well in September.

According to NDP Group, industry analysts, console sales were up 200 percent for September 2014 versus the same time last year. Overall hardware sales were up 136 percent.

Of course, a lot of the year-over-year growth has to do with the fact that neither the PlayStation 4 nor Xbox One were available in September 2013. Both consoles launched in November of that year. But both devices accounted for 85 percent of hardware sales for September 2014, the largest percentage of sales since the launch of the two gaming rigs.

While this is good news for both platforms, it doesn’t end the PlayStation 4’s nine-month sales dominance over the Xbox One.

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Published October 17, 2014 — 00:40 UTC