It’s not just you: Shutterstock has been up and down for the last day

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We’ve been trying to get on Shutterstock all morning with no success, and it’s apparently not just us. The site has been down for everyone for a good part of the morning and, if Shutterstock’s Twitter is anything to go by, it might be so for a while.

We were able to reach the main Shutterstock page easily, but when I tried to log in with my username, I was thrown to an error page. I’ve been intermittently able to access the site since, but other users appear to still be having trouble, if Twitter is anything to go by.

When I checked the company’s official Twitter, I admit it made me more concerned than reassured. First, Shutterstock acknowledged user difficulties, then it followed up with this explanation:

However, the difficulties have been going on for some time. The company’s Twitter shows some pretty intense internal difficulties, including a fire.

Honestly, this sounds more dramatic than a simple power outage. A fire? Shutterstock, are you okay?

Maybe the company had an especially raucous birthday party — the company is 15 this year — and something went wrong? Regardless, we hope everyone there gets whatever is broken fixed. We need our precious stock photos.

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