This IBM certificate program shows you how to create AI-powered chatbots

This IBM certificate program shows you how to create AI-powered chatbots

While it may feel like chatbots are still an emerging technology, they’ve actually already emerged further than you might think. In fact, by next year, about 80 percent of businesses will be utilizing them.

Why are so many companies jumping on board? Simple dollars and cents, mostly. Chatbots are expected to save companies about $8 billion a year by 2022, according to Juniper Research.

With that kind of demand, you can reap the benefits of being a go-to chatbot creator with the training found in the IBM Certificate Program: Building Chatbots Powered By AI. With this limited-time TNW Deals offer, you can pick up this skillset and accreditation for just $257, $40 off the regular price.

Using IBM’s Watson Assistant service, you’ll learn how chatbots operate, how to create them and ways to properly deploy chatbots on a website or via Facebook Messenger. Over 17 lessons, you’ll pick up tactics for building bots that users both trust and embrace. There’s even training in how those bots can uncover valuable insights from your customers, even assessing emotions and handling potentially difficult situations the right way.

Not only does the course offer IBM professional-level certification, it also comes with a year’s worth of Watson Assistant services, enough to drive ten chatbots of your own at no extra charge.

Right now, you can mold yourself into the keeper of this unique, sought-after knowledge — and save yourself $40 at the same time.  

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