Turn tricky business decisions into simple visuals with this $20 Tableau 10 bundle

Turn tricky business decisions into simple visuals with this $20 Tableau 10 bundle

There’s a reason why Tableau and its data visualization goodness has spawned a sub-culture of hardcore users who come out for annual conventions. It’s because Tableau and its popularity has handed the keys to big data and elite business analytics to organizations of virtually all sizes. Tableau 10 has democratized the power of data analysis beyond the upper reaches of massive conglomerates down to even mom-and-pop style companies.

Tableau knowledge is on the list of Forbes’ most critical tech skills that can get you hired, so jump in and discover what it can do with the training in The Complete Tableau 10 Data Science course bundle. Right now, the entire package is available at over 90 percent its regular price, just $19, from TNW Deals.

Over these five courses packing in almost 19 hours of instruction, you’ll be introduced to everything Tableau can do to unlock crucial secrets in your business data that you might otherwise miss.

Your featured courses are:

  • Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Solutions: Vol. 1 (a $124.99 value)
  • Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Solutions: Vol. 2 (a $124.99 value)
  • Mastering Tableau 10 (a $94.99 value)
  • Tableau For Absolute Beginners (a $79 value)
  • Tableau 10 Desktop Training (a $199.99 value)

Whether it’s putting together a KPI text table, crafting a waterfall chart or assembling a population pyramid, you’ll learn the methods for understanding and presenting your information within the perfect frame to make your conclusion perfectly clear.

All these courses together would usually cost over $600, so get in on this limited-time deal now to get it all for only $19, less than $4 per course.

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